Guide to Buy Pressure Washer Suit

by Bobby Coyle

To be successful at work, you must wear the right suit. While pressure washing a building, you must be careful to protect yourself from accidental laceration from an errant water jet.

How should you dress when pressure washing? Power washing uniforms must be resilient, comfortable, mobile, and durable.

PVC-made clothes should have a high resilience rating. Rain gear is usually made from PVC. This is because PVC is best when using power washers with high PSI.

Here are four best suits you should have for the pressure washing on commercial grounds but are also favorable especially if you’re a homeowner.

What is the best pressure wash clothing for you?

Heavy Duty Rain Jackets

A rain jacket is essential when pressure washing. The jacket should be 100% waterproof and made from PVC. With the jacket, your arms should be able to move anywhere with ease and comfort without having any sacrificing protections.

Quality material and durability are important features of a jacket. Stormline’s Crew 211 is a great choice. Specifically designed to withstand large water amounts, it has two layers of PVC.

Designed to withstand oil contact and chemicals in pressure washer, this jacket should not have any problem with chemicals.

In addition to secure hood, you should pay attention to the jacket’s features when choosing a jacket.

Commercial Rain Pants

Additionally, you should purchase rain pants or a rain suit if you plan to work outdoors. You can protect your torso with bib overalls. PVC is a good material.

Featuring a triple layer of PVC, Stormline Crew 640 commerical rain pant is an excellent choice. Also, the pants have velcro straps around the ankles, preventing water to enter inside.

When selecting plants that are right for you, look for features such as velcro straps and triple layers. Having these features will help you stay dry and efficient.

Safety Gloves (Waterproof)

While working in cold conditions, it’s important that you protect perfectly your hands. Protect your hands with these waterproof gloves.

Choose gloves made of rubbers or latex that let your fingers move with ease and comfort without compromising your grips.

For preventing chemical contamination and keeping hands dry, it is highly recommended to have high-quality gloves. They are thick plus durable, according to customers. As a result of the thickness, they can pick up items easily and move around without issue.

Rubber Boots

Your feet and clothes will be protected from water with waterproof work boots. A soaked pair of shoes or socks will ruin all day of yours.

It’s also a good idea not to let chemicals seep through shoes. Protect your feet from chemicals and wet feet with rubber boots.

PVC provides chemical protection and injury protection in these waterproof boots.

Spray nozzles with high pressure for cleaning, such as power washing, call for shoes with closed-toes.

Sandal(s) and tennis shoe(s) aren’t the best footwears to use pressure cleaners since they can severely damage the material. Be sure always to aim the spray nozzles properly and wear appropriate footwear when using the sprayer.

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