Next-Gen Digital Signage Players: A Game-Changer for Retail Marketing

by Bobby Coyle

Retailers experience high levels of difficulty when it comes to advertising. This is because they cannot easily advertise a large number of products that are present in their stores. Doing so for an individual product can cost a lot and is not feasible for retailers. This is because of publishing, designing, and printing each product’s pamphlets, banners, and posters.

Considering the above circumstances, the digital signage player serves optimally to retailers. They can publish multiple ads containing multiple products this way. You can utilize the content rotating option to introduce thousands of products daily. You can save a lot by publishing digitally, which requires zero printing or paper. Just stick to this short article and find facts on digital signage players and how they can be beneficial.

Digital Signage Player – Definition

The digital signage player refers to a device that consists of three main things, which are as follows:

Hardware: It refers to a physical device containing core components. These components include a processor, RAM, motherboard, connectivity ports, hard disk, screen, and outer casing. The number of components and their specs vary depending on your chosen model.

OS (Operating System): It refers to the system which assists with multimedia playback. Among them, you can choose Linux, Android, Windows, etc.

CMS (Content Management System): The content management system refers to the software you can use to create, design, upload, schedule, and publish the ad content. This software either works offline or online.

These components collectively make up your digital signage player.

Why is Digital Signage Player Worth it For Retailers?

There are the following notables that you can enjoy when you select this digital signage player. The key ones are:

Super Fast Performance

The built-in RAM of the digital signage player assists in fast operation speed. After clicking on a specific function, you don’t need to wait longer to complete the action. This speeds up your functionality. You can put this time in other crucial activities. The super fast speed allows you to create, design, setup, and publish the ad campaign faster.

Extended Storage

You can store the maximum amount of the data you want in your digital signage player. This prevents you from purchasing the extra storage system. You can also integrate the cloud storage with your digital signage. This will ensure the high security and safety of your content. Apart from this, you can share the specific design with your teammates. You can update the content on your digital media from anywhere around the world using cloud storage.

Support Multiple Media Formats

There is no limitation to the formats you can play on your digital signage player. For instance, any format for any content type, such as audio, video, or image. This digital signage player is truly compatible. For example, for video content, you can play mp4, avi, WMV, flv, webm, avchd, etc. This will allow you to enjoy complete freedom for the formats it supports. You can play whatever you want and whenever you want.

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