How To Prepare Your Network Rack Installation

by Bobby Coyle

Network racks are essential products for patch panel manufacturers, data center operators, and PDU manufacturers, to name a few. The products are used for storing a wide range of IT equipment used in various facilities. They offer a wide range of benefits. However, the advantages are influenced by the network rack installation. This excerpt looks into planning for network rack installation.

Factors to consider when planning your network rack installation

Installing a network rack does not take a lot of effort. However, it would be best if you considered the following factors when planning the installation for your network rack;

1. Consider the room attributes

When planning an installation project for your network rack, the first thing you must do when planning an installation project for your network rack is considered the room attributes. This refers to the elements of the room where you wish to install the product. Below are the primary room attributes you have to consider:

  • Size– first, you must consider the size of the room. This will help you choose the right network rack size. When looking into the size, you must ensure that you have adequate space for all the racks you will need. It is also crucial for you to look into your current needs and your future needs.
  • Door height– you also need to consider the height of the room doors. The size will influence how easily you can move the racks from the delivery location into the room. Ensure that the doors are tall enough to accommodate entry and removal of the racks.
  • Floor strength– you must also ensure that the floors are strong enough to accommodate the weight of the network racks. This is especially important if you are dealing with a free-standing network rack. The last thing you want is for the room floors to get damaged in the process.
  • Temperature– you must also consider the temperature inside and directly outside the room. It would be wise to steer clear of rooms with heat sources inside or outside. If you have to install your network rack in this room, you will need a fan to help with heat regulation.

2. Consider the rack layout and design

It would assist if you also thought of the layout of the rack. This element will help you choose the best installation location for the racks. It will also help you plan for the installation of other network rack accessories like cooling. The layout will also determine the way you arrange or organize the room. For instance, you must consider the position of the enclosures to choose a place that allows for easy airflow and circulation. The layout will also determine how many racks you can have in a single room.

3. Consider the equipment placing

The location of the equipment in the facility will also affect the installation plan. It is often wise to develop a detailed equipment placement plan before you start the installation process.

Final word

Note that proper planning can go a long way in eliminating significant issues during the installation process. It will also help make the process faster and easier. A good plan will also help with the proper functioning of the equipment and network racks.

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