Difference Between Lightning and USB-C Cables

by Bobby Coyle

Recently the difference between two popular cable types, lightning, and USB-C cables, has been very confusing, especially for those who just stepped into the Apple lineup. Before picking one for yourself, it’s important to clear the difference between both.

This article will explain the untangled truth about both of these cables and which one you should choose for a particular application.

What are USB-C Cables?

The USB C was developed by USB Implementers Forum. The USB C is the latest and most Powerful USB connector used for both fast data transfer and fast charging of portable devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.

USB is very easier to use and is more efficient and reliable than the previous USB connectors like the USB B connector. It is 24 pin connector and a replacement for the USB B cable.

It is not only used for android mobiles but also for the latest iPhone devices like MacBook Pro and other devices like Nintendo Switch. For USB ports like USB Port 3.1 and USB Port 3.2, a USB C cable can send Data up to 10 Gigabytes and 20 Gigabytes, respectively.

With time it is becoming more and more popular, and some microcontrollers like Arduino are also using USB C ports for Programming operations instead of their conventional ports.

What are Lightning Cables?

Lightning Cables were developed by Apple Inc and are used in most Apple devices like iPhones and iPads iPods, but still, it is not as popular as USB C cables. While the androids were using USB-B ports, apple switched its 30 Pin Doc connector with the 8 Pin lightning connectors. It was known for the uniqueness of the Apple devices.

Lightning cable is not as efficient and common as USB C; therefore, Apple is switching Lightning connectors with the USB C connectors in its latest devices. Like USB C, it can also be plugged in both up-side-down directions.

Apple Lightning cable is only on USB 2.0, while USB C is much faster in versions of USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB 3.2, and USB 4.

Reliable Site for Lightning and USB-C Cables

If you are looking for a consistent site to purchase lightning or USB-C cables, Ugreen USB cables are the solution.

1. Ugreen USB-C Cables

Ugreen USB-C cables are of a huge variety, including 100W thunderbolt, 100W PD charging cable, 60W PD cables, and many others for both charging and data transfer. The Ugreen USB-C cables will ensure up to 50% charging in 30 minutes.

All the USB-C cables of Ugreen are MFi certified for secure and stable usage. You can choose a cable based on your requirements, device compatibility, and budget.

2. Ugreen Lightning Cables

USB-C cables are better than lightning cables in many ways. Still, there are some devices where you can only use the lightning cables. Just like the Ugreen USB-C cables, the lightning cables are also available in a huge range of adaptors, cable lengths, and voltage usage.

All the cables are MFi certified for fast and secure charging applications. You can visit the Ugreen website to check the cable range.

Final Verdict

The difference between lightning and USB-C cables is important to know so you can buy the right cable. Regardless of your choice, make sure to choose the MFi-certified cables to keep the connecting devices safe.

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