What are the uses of a walkie-talkie?

by Bobby Coyle

Walkie talkie being a simple communicating device, is used for various purposes. In the era of mobile phones and palmtops, the walkie-talkie has retained its importance. It is used in small businesses and emergency situations by fire rescue teams, security guards, police and the army. Now, a wifi walkie talkie is also available, which offers advanced features for immediate communication. Event workers and managers also use this device for better cooperation at work.

Types of a walkie-talkie:

Walkie-talkies can be divided into several types depending upon different bases.

  • They can be short-range or long-range. It means that short-range walkie-talkies have a limit to connections and will not work in a broader range. The short-range may be between 500-1000yards.
  • Walkie-talkies can be handheld, wristwatches, or vehicle-mounted. These are used in various circumstances according to the need.
  • There are other walkie-talkies for kids, i.e., playing tools. Others are marine insensitive and can help in underwater communication.
  • Wifi walkie-talkie or digital mobile radio. These require specific network connections for proper working.

Features of a walkie-talkie:

A walkie-talkie has a battery, transmitter, antenna, microphone and loudspeaker. Radio waves are transmitted through an antenna which transfers the sound. Furthermore, there is a push button which is pressed to speak.

The exciting feature of a walkie-talkie is that it does not require signal connections for communication. The only thing necessary for communication is that two walkie-talkies should be at the same frequency. So there is no danger of dropping off signals even in an emergency. They may work with wifi, but wifi isn’t necessary for their proper working. Unlike smartphones, it does not require sim signals, network connections, and android or iOS systems. They also have long-lasting rechargeable batteries, which increase their life expectancy.

Walkie-talkies are water-resistant and have many types. IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, and IPX-1 are standard water-resistant devices that allow communication without any hindrance.


A walkie-talkie has advantages and has won over smartphones and other devices in an emergency due to its exceptional features. So people can use it in severe conditions like earthquakes, floods, fires or war for urgent message transfer. Walkie-talkies are half-duplex communication devices which need a single radio system. It does not bind only two walkie-talkies; you can connect multiple walkie-talkies with the radio system simultaneously. It allows the entire team to hear the audio message sent by any other member.

Are walkie-talkies expensive?

Walkie-talkies have different prices depending on their features. For example, short-range walkie-talkies are cheaper than others. Digital, touch-screen walkie-talkies are expensive as compared to simple ones. However, high-definition walkie-talkies are used by security teams in an emergency. In contrast, small businesses may use other cheap walkie-talkies with fewer features.


You can use walkie-talkies even for personal use; you do not need any license or approval from any legal body. However, their effective use is in emergency departments, but it is not restricted to this purpose. You can purchase walkie-talkies of different types online on different websites according to your company’s demand.

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