Should I Use A Coin Generator To Get Free Futcoins?

by Bobby Coyle

The fight to have the best team on FIFA 20 is on. The FIFA ultimate team which is popularly known as just FUT is probably the biggest thing on the game right now. Futcoins unlock certain bonuses which can help you take your team to the next level. This has made players even more desperate to get free futcoins.

Coin generators have been touted as one way to do this. In this article, we will look at coin generators and if they are really good options. There are many ways you can get free futcoins. However, choosing this route might seem more appealing to people.

Should I Use A Coin Generator?

Here’s the simple straight answer- No you should not. In fact, you can be harming yourself in ways that you never imagined. Most futcoin generators are only after one thing. Your account. So while they might promise you that you will get an unlimited number of futcoins, this probably won’t happen.

The likely outcome is that the owner of the coin generator will get some vital information about your account. If things get even worse, they might be able to steal all that you have built on the game. It’s really a scam that is built on greed.

How Do People Fall For Promises Of Free Futcoins From Coin Generators?

It all starts with the need to improve your account without paying for futcoins. So, to get these free futcoins, they visit forums and other places where they can find experienced players.

Most coin generators scammers know this is the pattern and set themselves up nicely. They send messages on these forums with promises of a coin generator and how it changed their gaming experience.

To make it look real, they might even show you pictures of how their account currently looks like. They then send you a link to a coin generator with a lot of steps before getting your own batch.

Some of these steps will include taking surveys or even downloading an app. in the process, you will also be asked to provide the details of your account such as your username and password. Once you give them this, the scammers have won.

What Is the Best and Worst Scenario?

Using free futcoin generators can have a terrible impact on your game. The best-case scenario is that you might not lose or gain anything.

The worst-case scenario is that you will be swiped of everything that you owed. Worst still, you might get into the bad books of EA sports.

The best way to get free futcoins is to buy from the original source. You can also get some achievements when you complete tasks on FIFA 20. Any other way will most likely be dubious. You should show caution when dealing with them.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Using a coin generator is not a smart move by any stretch. Try to do it the legal way. That’s the only way you come out of this smiling at the end.

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