Maximising Use of Huawei Quick App

by Bobby Coyle

Are you an experienced app developer looking to try out a new app idea? Maybe you just had a mindblowing epiphany and are looking for a way to try out your seemingly insane idea. Or maybe, you are just a recent addition to the tech world of app developers and are looking to practice what you have been learning. Either way, there is a feature of the Huawei mobile services (HMS) that will suit you almost perfectly. The Huawei quick apps feature is a recent addition to the Huawei team and it is already making waves. The usefulness of the feature of the hms SDK cannot be overestimated.

What are Quick Apps?

Quick apps for all intents and purposes could be described as a form of installation-free applications. While they are still relatively new in the field, they provide an excellent user experience. However, because they are referred to as quick apps does not mean that they are any less effective than regular apps. Huawei quick apps have been proven to perform many of the strong functions that are obtainable on regular android apps. Wonderful isn`t it?

Huawei quick apps are currently in use in various parts of the world and can be said to have achieved worldwide distribution.

Advantages of the Huawei Quick Apps

The first and most important advantage is that quick apps provide wonderful user experience to those who make use of them. As mentioned earlier, they are capable of operating on levels similar to your regular android apps.

That is not all, these quick apps can carry out and support auto-refreshing of HTML5 we pages. This is the latest version of the HyperText Markup Language which allows for modification and adjustment of web pages. So Huawei quick apps are very much up to date.

This ability to auto-refresh HTML5 pages makes use of very little memory. So far, we see that the quick apps are similar to regular apps in almost every single way. Except for the “installation-free” part in their definition. This is the third advantage of the Huawei quick apps.

Another excellent benefit is that users can easily add whatever quick app of their choice to their desktops. This is to make access to the quick app even smoother and faster.

Fifth, there is the fact that Huawei quick apps are compatible with all form of smart devices. The compatibility is relatively strong. So there no smart device which is more compatible than the other when it comes to using of quick apps.

Last but not least, Huawei quick apps are capable of employing in-app contents.

All these advantages point to the fact that quick apps might not be installable, but they are still extremely cool and effective digital apps.


Huawei quick apps might be relatively new to you. But do not fret, you can still learn more about them and maximise their potential. There are suitable Huawei sponsored online courses concerning quick apps. With a reasonable background in app development, these courses would be suitable for you. in fact, the knowledge and use of quick apps give you an edge over regular app developers.

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