Huawei Serves The Commuters With Comfort

by Bobby Coyle

Commuting is part of a daily routine for most of us, especially when living in the city. Every morning, we hurry down the train station or bus stop to catch the next ride and do the same on the way back home. It’s a constant game that never ends.

But Huawei has launched its kits like the Location Kit, Map Kit, ML Kit, Site Kit, and Wallet Kit to help its commuters to have the easiest and stress-free commute possible. Let’s take a look at the benefits that commuters get by using these Huawei Kits. 

The benefits for the commuters

1. Accurate information with bus/train stops

It pays to know where the next bus is coming or stopping depending on your location, especially if you missed your stop. This happens typically, so instead of waiting for the next bus to arrive, you can quickly check from the location kit of other bus routes that can go to your destination. This can help commuters to find another alternative to get to their destination fast and safe.

2. The ability to scan bus numbers

Through the use of the ML Kit, you can scan the bus number that you always go to, and it will show you its full information like where are its stops, schedule, and even real-time information about traffic and accidents. It has other information like why the bus was late and not operating due to some reasons. All these are possible by the power of OCR Function from the ML kit that gathers all relevant resources from the scanned bus number.

3. Lets you be on time

Being on time or earlier than the set schedule is a good trait that everyone should have. Being late at work, in meetings, or even family events is not a good sign of commitment. Show your commitment by being on time with the help of Huawei Map Kit. It provides accurate routes for both driving and walking routes for your destination. Avoid getting lost or making the wrong turn and risking being late. Let the kit help you get to your destination earlier than the said time.

4. On-time reminders

Huawei Kits are like your assistant; it provides automatic voice reminders straight from your phone. You’ll get real-time updates about traffic, routes, weather, and so much more. It is making you much more prepared to face the day ahead—no need to input such things in your digital calendar and set time to alarm. The kit does it by itself and helps you keep up with your busy schedule. You’ll be more updated with current happenings around you without checking and searching online.

Truly, Huawei has created helpful kits to help every commuter keep up with the daily commuting life. Although it’s a natural routine to do every day, nothing beats with a well-informed commuter ready to take on with what’s ahead. It’s better prepared than surprised.

For more information about Huawei’s Kits, please visit their official website or talk to their friendly Customer Agents.

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