Reasons To Get The Honor Watch ES As A Fitness Tracker

by Bobby Coyle

The Honor Watch ES was released and marketed as a fashion fitness watch by Honor. The watch lives up to its name with its stylish design and versatile look. It is primarily a fitness tracker that looks and feels like a smartwatch, and it has more than enough features to back it up. These are some of the great fitness features of the Honor Watch ES that will appeal to the biggest fitness freaks.

Honor Watch ES Fitness Features

Vitals monitor

The Honor Watch ES comes with the TruSeen 4.0 heart monitor. It can keep track of your heartbeat regularly using high-grade algorithms. This way, it can recognize when you start a workout and alert you to irregularities in your heart rate. Also, it has a SpO2 monitor that tracks oxygen levels in your blood. These features make the Honor Watch ES a perfect partner for working out in places with high altitudes.

If you have periods, then you will love the period tracker that keeps you informed. It also has a stress monitor so you can keep your mind as healthy as your body. With its TRuRelax, you get access to breathing exercises that help to keep your stress levels low.

12 workout courses

The Honor Watch ES makes sure to bring the gym to you with its variety of animated courses. You don’t have to hit the gym when you have this watch, because it has detailed workout routines you can follow. The routines are quick and straightforward, so you can get a quick workout session during work breaks. You also get access to several exercises for relaxing your neck, back and relieving your body of tension. Each exercise is detailed, and the watch tracks your movements as you exercise.

Sleek design

The design of this watch was made with fitness in mind. It is so lightweight that you can forget about it on your arm. It is also a lot smaller than many other watches without compromising its screen quality. The size makes it a great companion for working out because it doesn’t get in the way of your workout. Also, you can control your music from the watch to keep you engaged.

Multiple fitness modes

The Honor Watch ES comes with 95 fitness modes – a literal fitness freak’s dream. 85 of those modes are customized workout modes that cover a lot of ground. You can find your favorite workouts and use them to your preference. The remaining ten modes are professional workout modes such as cycling, running, swimming, and even walking.

Post-workout guide

At the end of your workout, the Honor Watch ES analyses your performance and produces a detailed account of your exercises. You get to see how many calories you burnt, the length of your workout, and heart rate. Not only that, the watch gives you advice and recommendations based on those results.


The Honor Watch ES is the perfect companion for fitness junkies. It has all the features you need in a fitness watch and more – all at a reasonable price. With this watch, you won’t miss a thing. You have the world at your feet with the Honor Watch ES, and you won’t ever lack something to keep you engaged and fit. You can learn more about the Honor Watch ES here:

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