How to Become a Better RuneScape Player

by Bobby Coyle

Since its first release over twenty years ago, RuneScape has risen through the online video games industry to become one of the top-ranked multiplayer online role-playing game. The game is ever-expanding with the many updates released over the years and is currently a unique and endearing game full of life and bursting with all activities.

The game, set in the fantasy world of Gielinor, features diverse and unique regions filled with enthralling quests and challenges. Players have over 28 various character skills to choose from and progress. There are epic journeys to be undertaken, wars to be fought, gods to be appeased, dungeons to be explored, and riches to be grown. This article will guide you on how to become a world-class RuneScape competitive player.

1.Choose your combat mechanic and work on it

RuneScape features two distinct combat modes. There is the regular mode whereby characters have various abilities, weapons, armors, and items to use. There is also the legacy mode, which does not feature these abilities. Your avatar attacks automatically. One needs to choose which game mode they prefer and get more experience in it.

2.Choose a few skills and better them

Since RuneScape features so many character skills, it would be irrational to try and perfect them all. Players who choose a skill and train their characters extensively on that particular skill become very competitive. The game becomes more interesting as you advance a skill set, unlocking new speeds and challenges. For example, if one sticks to Dungeoneering in Runescape, they’ll have up to 120 levels of the game to explore.

3.Choose complementing skills

RuneScape skills are divided into five categories. As discussed above, a player ought to choose just a few skills and advance them. However, when deciding what skills to specialize in, one should be keen to choose complimenting skills. Pick on a skill from either the combat, artisan, or gathering categories and pick another one from the support or elite skills. This translates to becoming a better Runescape player than if you had chosen two skills from the same category.

4.Socialize with other community members

RuneScape player community has many platforms where they engage with each other. In these forums, they share their experiences with the game and offer hints and tips they’ve learned or acquired while playing. These tips are usually very unique, and every once in a while, you’ll discover new tricks to better your competitiveness.

5.Increase your playtime

The golden rule of ‘practice makes perfect’ is very applicable to RuneScape. The more time you spend playing, the better you become. The more you advance your skills and unlock new Runescape abilities, quests, and regions, the more you become better equipped to win.

6.Pay the subscription

Playing the free version of RuneScape can be very limiting. Competing against players who have unlocked new features available for the subscription version is disadvantageous. You’ll always be the underdog. Therefore, pay up the Runescape subscription fee and open a vast and diverse set of skills, quests, items, and regions.


To become a better player of RuneScape, you need to choose your combat mechanic and work on it, choose a few complimenting skills and better them, engage with other community members, do more practice, and pay the subscription fee.

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