Honor Offers Back To School Essentials in the UK

by Bobby Coyle

Brace the new school year with a bang and pure excitement with Honor’s latest Back to School Supplies in the UK to support the students this school year. Gear up and get ready to face the new challenges, achieve more goals, and stay on top of your game with these must-have school supplies with Honor!

Honor’s Back to School Essentials You Need

Honor Magic Earbuds

If you’ve decided to go back to school this school year, you need a partner to entertain you while commuting. Honor’s Magic Earbuds is currently on sale for only £89.99; you save almost half the price, which was originally £169.98! Isn’t that an awesome deal to grab right away? This fit and comfortable in-ear design and a dual-mic active noise cancellation let you listen to your favorite music, podcast, or even watch your favorite video tutorials privately wherever, whenever.

This is also a perfect school must-have if you decided to do virtual learning at home. With its noise cancellation feature, you won’t hear anything except the lecture you need to learn for the day. These cute magic earbuds come in different colors; robin egg blue and pearl white. Step up your listening experience with these high-definition earbuds.

Honor Sport Bluetooth Earphones

What’s better than keeping up a healthy school life with these amazing Honor Sport Bluetooth Earphones? This sporty and sleek design helps you get on the go, whether in school, at home, or hanging out with your perks. For only £69.99, you will get an in-ear wireless Bluetooth noise-canceling and sweat resistant sports earphones with a microphone. Perfect for doing active school activities or when doing sports while still feeling comfortable listening to your favorite music.

These earphones boast a high-fidelity audio penetrating bass that gives a unique beat blend that you will surely love. It also has a 5g/ear that perfectly fits in your ear to ensure that it won’t fall while running or doing a much more excessive activity for the day. The battery lasts for a long time and can be used straight for 11 hours playback and ten days standby due to its 137 mah lithium battery.

Honor Router 3

Highly functional and fast internet routers are essential, especially at home, to stay in the know and connect with your school activities and deliverables. Stop dealing with lag connection and challenging your patience in dealing with a slow connection. Grab the latest sale with Honor Router 3 for only £79.99. This router is all that you need to step-up your connection game at home.

This router features a Wi-Fi 6 Plus spec that can get an ultra-fast network speed of at least 3000mbps. No more network interruption because of its OFDMA Technology and ultra-fast simultaneous transmissions on multiple devices for faster connection. On top of that, it also developed an improved Wi-Fi 5 with 160MHz bandwidth that covers a wider coverage, WPA3 Security (the latest one possible), and an artificial intelligence Life App to easily set-up and manage your router settings.

For the price and convenience, these school essentials are definitely a must-have!

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