Ways of Transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

by Bobby Coyle

Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp to Android Transfer is a software used to help transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android 11 easily on a computer. Many people are switching from Android to iPhone, and the reverse is also true. WhatsApp is quite popular and essential among most people, and so is the data it holds. Thus with the right software, chat messages, photos, videos, and audios can all get moved safely to your Android phone. Backup trans gives you the freedom to transfer all chats or select a specific one with one contact and transfer it. In this write-up, we discuss the ways of transferring Whatsapp from iPhone to Android.

Methods of Transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

There are various ways of migrating WhatsApp messages by use of the backup trans. Both are quite good but choose what works for you, and you’re comfortable with. They include;

  • Move WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via backup
  • Move WhatsApp from iPhone to Android directly

a. Move WhatsApp from iPhone to Android Via Backup

First, you must backup the data on your iPhone within your pc using iTunes but avoid using iCloud. Using the WhatsApp Transfer software, click the section indicated local database, then on the menu, choose the ‘import from iTunes backup’ Option.

On the local database of your iPhone WhatsApp to Android Transfer software, choose the backup you created using the iPhone chats, allowing it to load for easy access. Connect your Android phone to the software, then click on the backup on the local database. Lastly, on the menu, go ahead and select ‘Transfer Messages from the local database to Android.’

All chats and attachments will get successfully transferred to your Android phone within minutes. The process is very easy and straightforward, and convenient for everyone.

b. Move WhatsApp from iPhone to Android directly

This method has many benefits that make it suitable for this process, such as:

  • There’s no need for linking the WhatsApp account on both phones
  • The chats are printed directly
  • The data on your iPhone remains in it; thus, there’s no need to erase it before transferring it.

Step 1

Ensure you install iTunes12 and above before running the software. Download the Transfer software on your computer. Connect both the iPhone with the WhatsApp chats and the Android to your computer Via USB cables.

Step 2

Back up the chats on the phone storage by clicking on ‘Back up my data.’ Without entering the account password, click OK on the WhatsApp Transfer Software. After loading all chats, they will be displayed on the main interface to read through and choose whichever you want to transfer.

Step 3

Your iPhone will appear on the devices list. Click on it to indicate you want to copy messages from it. On the toolbar at the top of the computer, click on ‘transfer messages from iPhone to Android. You can also right-click on the Android on the device list and select transfer messages from iPhone to Android.

Step 4

Choose the Android phone you want to transfer the WhatsApp chats to and click confirm to proceed. Make sure you have installed the WhatsApp app on Android before the transfer. After a few minutes, the chats will appear on the Android phone.


Each of the methods mentioned above has its advantages and disadvantages but is both suitable for WhatsApp data transfer. Choose one that fits your needs and works best.

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