5 Great Sequin Backdrop Style Ideas for Your Next Event

by Bobby Coyle

One of the most memorable things at an event or party is the décor which sets the mood and theme of an event. From using balloons to lighting the house differently to the recent use of sequin backdrops, party décor has been made easier and better. Using a sequin backdrop is one of the most popular forms of décor used in many events and celebrations in modern times. They have great visuals, and depending on the type and style; they can suit any high-class party or a wild teenage prom event.

With its current use in weddings, baby showers, and so many other events, they are a tremendously detailed and stunning decoration you need to own. Sequin decorated walls are likely to be a trend for a while, with little to no expectations of the trend dying down. Since a sequin backdrop is reusable and durable, making a sequin backdrop purchase is an excellent investment, especially for event planners or regular party throwers.

Brilliant Sequin Backdrop Styles

Below are some color styles and designs of sequin backdrops you’ll love and where you can use them.

1. The Opal Sequin

This backdrop design has a simple and elegant vibe and can be used for a birthday and maternity photoshoot or a small social event. It has fading color combinations of pink, purple and a little blue. The sequins are approximately 8mm long, and the colors blend well, giving it a radiant but laid-back look.

2. Royal Blue Sequin

You have probably seen this type of décor in many events like proms, balls or club parties. The royal blue color complements the disco vibe and should be used for some over-the-top events with neon lights to complete the theme.

3. Black Sequin Backdrop

Black sequins are the perfect choice for a Halloween or horror-themed party. They can also be used in a futuristic kind of theme in a photo shoot to fit the cyborg outfits and pieces. Depending on the one you go for, there are different shades of black sequin, which can completely alter the vibe and theme of the whole event.

4. Gold Sequin

You have probably come across social media wedding and baby shower photos. The gold color is an excellent choice for such events regardless of the outfits or theme. You can add a photo section with only gold-colored sequin walls, a graceful and sophisticated look.

5. Peacock Backdrop

The peacock décor is great for a costume and mask party. With all the color and different outfits from people, the peacock look will still blend in well with them, especially if it’s a glitter type of costume.


In addition to making an event fun and aesthetically perfect, sequin drops make party photos look so bomb. Many booth and studio photographers have adopted sequin walls as a background during photoshoots to improve how photos look. Sequin backdrops are the best decorative pieces you can incorporate into any event, and they will still look good and offer a fancy vibe. It, however, depends on the choice of color and how you set it on the walls. Sequin backdrops are an excellent investment that is worth your money as they can last constant usage for many years.

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